Roscommon Schools
High School
Bus Garage
Elementary School

Roscommon, Michigan

Several of the building in the Gerrish-Higgins School District are being renovated and updated as part of a 2008 bond approved by the residents. Engineering Plus, Inc. was responsible for the design and engineering of the plumbing and HVAC systems for renovations to the High School, Elementary School, and Bus Garage.

High School construction included a new office addition and renovations to the library, kitchen, locker room, chemistry & biology labs including laboratory prep areas, and mechanical room. Energy improvements included a new high efficiency boiler plant and a new building management system throughout the school.

Elementary School construction included a gymnasium/classroom addition, renovations to restrooms and classrooms, and improvements to HVAC and plumbing systems throughout the building. The domestic water system was replaced throughout the building and one of the two boiler systems was replaced with a new high efficiency system. A new building management system was installed to integrate the building controls into a district wide network.

The Bus Garage houses five bays for complete repair /maintenance, office space for shop administration, vehicle dispatch, and driver lounge/waiting area. Engineering Plus, Inc. provided plumbing and HVAC design and engineering for the shop and office heating upgrades as well as plumbing renovations to shop and office wash areas.

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